House är en dansstil som är utanför hiphop kulturen. House är clubkultur. som har mycket fot work och dans i sig. Vi tränar mycket medn rytmen och takten. Jag kommer att visa grundstegen och alla skall dansa och ha jätte kul i klassen..




Style, passion, originality is what reflects Eddie as a dancer and person. Being able to get daily inspiration to the dance and then share it through to the culture is already special enough for him. He began his journey with the dance back in 2008 and from there he got to experience the culture daily from many different angles. Eddie mainly dances the street styles Hip hop, popping, house and even experimental where he can express himself extra. He travels and competes in both Hip Hop and Experimental most of the time, in which he has won and been a finalist in several competitions. Eddie is one of the founders of Id Crew Company which organizes several dance events, shows and workshops around Sweden.

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